"We will provide you with a service that cannot be matched, at a price that cannot be matched."

Enquire about registering your property with us:

We are best placed to manage your property, making the process of being a Landlord hassle free. 

Entrust us to manage your property means you will get the best return on your investment...

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With a number of properties on our Portfolio, we have a track record for exceeding our Landlords' expectations.

We can provide a number of bespoke management plans to cater to every Landlords' individual needs, these can vary from a Fully Managed service, to a simple Rent Collection or Tenant Find service. 

We vet all Tenants and ensure they meet any pre determined criteria set out at at an initial meeting between us and the Landlord. 

Our business founded itself in Construction, therefore we know how to deal with properties and the issues that arise from owning a property, this is what sets us aside from Estate Agents, not to mention we can offer you a significantly better deal!

Any issues either you or your tenant have will be dealt with efficiently and as cost effectively as possible, by reliable and reputable tradesmen, and subcontractors.